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Key Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services in Perth

A neat and clean business premise helps create a very good impression. It also helps in improving the productivity of the business because working in a clean environment makes employees more productive. In addition, people who work in a clean office is likely to get sick and becomes healthier.

Commercial Cleaning PerthHowever, not all businesses can shoulder the responsibility of cleaning their workplace at all times. Sometimes they are too busy focusing on more important concerns like managing business operations. So, they avoid putting the whole responsibility on their shoulders and hire Southern Cross’s commercial cleaning services to do the job. With the help of these experts, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on cleaning. Instead you can boost your core competencies.

Aside from making your time management easier, there are also some other advantages of hiring Perth commercial cleaning company:

  1. Reputable cleaning services use cleaning products and materials that are environmental friendly. They don’t use toxic materials that may harm the environment as well as your health.
  2. Professionals will give you insurance to ensure that they will shoulder all the issues that may arise from the cleaning.
  3. Southern Cross Cleaning Services use cleaning equipment and products that are top-notched to ensure a spotless and sparkling office cleaning.

There are a lot of commercial cleaning services here in Perth and most of them can be found online. However, you still need to spend some time doing some research so that you will be able to get the best company available.


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Bathroom Designs in Perth: Important things to consider

The bathrooms are probably one of the most important places in every home. The bathroom is one room that if renovated properly will add more beauty and value to your house. However, bathroom renovations involve a lot of areas and you need to be specific on which specific areas you need to refurbish.

Bathroom Design Perth

The flooring

According to some expert renovators, your bathroom renovation should start with the flooring. The cost of this project depends on how big your bathroom is – if you have a larger bathroom, you should expect that the project will cost you more money.

The walls

When considering a bathroom refurbishing, you have a number of choices – you can either use tile walls or a painted one using a water-proof paint. The cost of your wall will of course depend on the quality of the materials you need. Investing in high-quality materials however can be a smart investment because they last for about a decade.

Bathtubs and toilets

If you want to replace your bathtubs and toilets, you can also choose from a wide selection of choices. However, this step is complicated and mostly you need to consult an expert like the Bathroom designs by Smart Styles Bathrooms.

These are the 3 factors that you need to consider before you install consider bathroom renovation. You can also visit for more details.


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Here’s what Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and 8 other successful people ask job candidates during interviews

Interview 4x3

Are you looking to hire new employees? When it comes to recruiting employees for your business, always remember that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Recruiting for small business is different when you recruit for a large corporation.

Interviewing and recruiting is an art. To interview and recruit successfully, you need to know the right way of asking the questions, knowing exactly what you want, and following a structured process. This way, you can avoid or minimise the chances of hiring the wrong person for your business. This is particularly important for those less experienced in the recruitment process, for instance in start-ups or small-businesses.

When you recruit your first employee, your level of knowledge and experience in the hiring process may not be as great as you would like. As such, you perhaps become unsure on how to select and shortlist resumes. In addition, you might not know the right questions to ask your candidates during the interview process, and you may not have experience in knowing how to negotiate salary and employment offers effectively.

However, if you just study from the successful ones, you surely will master this task eventually. Learn how Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and 8 other successful people ask job candidates during interviews by reading this:

How to Merge a Business

A merger is sometimes more profitable than standing alone.

The number of companies dealing in the same products and services are continuously rising which leads to a very tough competition amongst business entities. To put an end to such a scenario company mergers have emerged as a favourable and profitable trend.

However, business merger is not easy as it sounds. This involves endless paperwork, process analysis, public announcements, and many more formalities need to be completed successfully. Only after which the merger can be termed as an official one. This responsibility is taken by businesses who are expert in handling corporate acquisitions, bid defence, shareholder reorganisation and more. Their involvement in mergers is a must as without them many things will not be possible.

One of the main reasons why companies merge is to be able to improve upon the performance of each individual business. This is done by capitalising on the benefits of each entity provides and utilising common resources available to all businesses once they merged.

Depending on the size of the business, lawyers and auditors will have to be hired. This will help you ensure that any potential risks are uncovered and all pertinent information is revealed to both parties. This is required to ensure that the parties have knowledge of the risks involved in the transactions before moving forward.

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Disaster risk reduction, prevention and preparedness

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In this world, we cannot deny that risk is something we cannot avoid. No matter what you do and wherever you may be, risk is everywhere. When it comes to business, risk is something that has to be dealt with successfully. This is why there is risk management, which is considered as the activity in which businessmen identify, assess and prioritise risks.

In order for you to do so, you need to know what exactly these risks are. As defined by the professionals, risk is the result of vagueness or ambiguity on the objectives, and it does not matter if this is positive or negative.

Risk is something that completely you don’t know about. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs are afraid to face this kind of situation. But if you are able to come up with a good risk management plan, you are able to coordinate and make use of applications and resources so that you can monitor, control and minimise the impact of negative events.

There are many different types of risk, but financial risks are what most homeowners are normally the one that gets a lot of attention. However, risks caused by natural disaster should be considered as it can cause a lot of damage.

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How To Make Lots Of Money With A Seasonal Business

For people who are looking to make money quickly and get off the ground immediately, seasonal business is their best option and this type of business has becoming more and more popular. After all, there are lots of services and products that people crave for only a short time of the year which can leave a worthwhile opening which someone can exploit and benefit from very quickly.

With some planning and thought, starting a seasonal business is easy; knowing the right tips and tricks can help the setup turn into a lucrative opportunity. Furthermore, the good thing about seasonal businesses is that it can be based around the simplest of concepts.

Seasonal businesses are a great way to create a business where the atmosphere is a bit lighter. These businesses allow someone to enjoy their work and really get into it. After all, there are some holidays that are designed to be fun and let someone live for their business. For instance, during Christmas when you create decorations wherein you use your creativity is nothing more satisfying than that.

However, a fun business doesn’t have to be based just on one night. Seasonal businesses are great to have during a particular time of the year but after the event has passed, it can be very quiet for the rest of the year. That’s why it can be important to look to see how the business can be extended across the rest of the year.

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4 Ways to Level the Playing Field of Small Business Recruitment

If you’re a small business owner, you also need to hire your own employees in order to run your day to day activities just like what bigger businesses and corporation does. Furthermore, these people will also be there for your business helping you survive and to expand.

4 Ways to Level the Playing Field of Small Business Recruitment

Normally, small businesses do not employ many team members. Therefore, care and smart decision-making must be taken when recruiting people to run them since small business often do not have enough funds and must be effectively managed using the meagre resources available.

When recruiting employees, you should look for certain qualities in the people you hope to employ to help run your business, and make sure you do not compromise when it comes to the quality of staff. That’s because your firm is still in its tender age and needs to get everything right if it must stand firmly.

Small businesses need proficient team members or those who are well versed in the act of running small businesses. Also, you need to carefully pick honest individuals because it is of utmost importance that you have people who could be trusted with your meagre capital, your records, etc and who would run your business as though they’re running it with whole honesty. Finally, make sure that the ones you hire are diligent, friendly and know how to play as a team.

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Tumblr Marketing: 10 Examples of Effective Brands Doing It Right


Marketing through Tumblr is a great way of using blogging to market product, service or a company. Unlike WordPress, you are potentially connected to every single person who uses Tumblr. In other words, Tumblr gives you unique marketing experience.

One of the ways this works is through the tagging system. Every time you it will show up in that tag when someone searches for it. This will make it easier targeted audience to find your post which will potentially lead to more followers, likes, and reblogs. Tagging is how your content gets noticed on Tumblr, and it’s your lifeline if you’re going to use Tumblr to promote your business.

There are some tips to get the most of out of the tagging system while you’re marketing on Tumblr. Using tags can make your Tumblr marketing easier since, in a sense, this is the website’s built in SEO. If you’re posting about your work with a major client, not only should you tag subjects that relate to what your business does, but their business as well. This will lead to potential customers from the same field or industry.

In Tumblr, there is an “Explore” page shows what tags are popular in the Tumblr-sphere, keep track of them. They stay pretty consistent, but keep checking in case something you post relates to one of those tags. However, those tags are pretty saturated with content, so make sure your post stand out.

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Why email is the king of one-to-one marketing

What is email marketing? When an email is used for sending a commercial message to a group of individuals, then this process is known as email marketing. But if you look at a broader aspect, then an email which is sent to a consumer or a potential customer also comes under email marketing.

The main goal of email marketers is to build brand awareness through the transmission of advertisements. Email marketing is also used to solicit sales and to get donations for business recommendations. This process can be achieved by sending an email to existing customer base or by selling lists respectively. In addition to that, you can also persuade your current customers for the purchase of certain products or services through email marketing.

Emails are the most professional and technical approach to transfer any attachment and to making on-line diverse deals. Therefore you need to make sure that the mail you have sent to your client should be engraved with proper format and the language you will use.

According to Econsultancy’s Ben Davis, email is the best form of one-on-one marketing. Unlike most strategies of using websites to deliver information about certain products or services,

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