How to structure your blog posts

Blogs are not new, but they have become a fast mover in the world of search engine marketing and web marketing. More and more small business owners experience the advantages of using blogs to promote their service, product, and brand. And with people considering the internet as part of their daily lifestyle, building brand awareness through blog has never been as valuable as before.

Blog marketing is not difficult if you know where to begin. But just like most things in business, you need to do certain things on a daily basis if you want your blog to be a success. For instance, you should have a schedule on when you publish your posts – you need to be consistent and post good quality content. Make sure that your posts are relevant to your niche or topic of interest.

If you own a blog, posting good quality content is something that you should always be looking to provide to your subscribers and readers. In addition, it also has to be original since Google penalises those who publish duplicate or copied content. How does Google penalise websites? That’s by dropping your rankings down very quickly.

One of the most common problems blog owners in Perth experience is the writer’s block or the condition where the writer is not able to come up with smart ideas on what to write on a certain period of time. This is sometimes a serious situation especially for those who can’t afford to hire professional to write for his small business blog, and write his own pieces of content instead.

There are a few ways to get content for your blog if no idea comes up from your mind. One of which is by syndicating from popular article directory sites. However, syndicating everyone else’s articles isn’t enough, because you need to add your own viewpoints.

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