Tumblr Marketing: 10 Examples of Effective Brands Doing It Right


Marketing through Tumblr is a great way of using blogging to market product, service or a company. Unlike WordPress, you are potentially connected to every single person who uses Tumblr. In other words, Tumblr gives you unique marketing experience.

One of the ways this works is through the tagging system. Every time you it will show up in that tag when someone searches for it. This will make it easier targeted audience to find your post which will potentially lead to more followers, likes, and reblogs. Tagging is how your content gets noticed on Tumblr, and it’s your lifeline if you’re going to use Tumblr to promote your business.

There are some tips to get the most of out of the tagging system while you’re marketing on Tumblr. Using tags can make your Tumblr marketing easier since, in a sense, this is the website’s built in SEO. If you’re posting about your work with a major client, not only should you tag subjects that relate to what your business does, but their business as well. This will lead to potential customers from the same field or industry.

In Tumblr, there is an “Explore” page shows what tags are popular in the Tumblr-sphere, keep track of them. They stay pretty consistent, but keep checking in case something you post relates to one of those tags. However, those tags are pretty saturated with content, so make sure your post stand out.

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